SureConnect works in concert with network and facility partners to offer reliable signal paths through fibre and satellite solutions. Our mandate is to achieve seamless digital transmission from originating POP to final destination. Where networks are not fully digital, SureConnect works to ensure that only one digital encode/decode cycle occurs in the end-to-end feed.

SureConnect is the exclusive agent for the Telus Digital Video Network, offering MPEGII 4:2:2 service at selected compression ratios from coast to coast in Canada. Multiple transmission paths connect on the national network and each major centre has connections to local venues, news gathering facilities and local facilities.

SureConnect also has direct connections to the digital networks of both AT&T and Vyvx giving us unparalleled connectivity and flexibility in the US domestic market and overseas on fibre. Every US venue, television station and production facility is connected to these networks and our booking process is fast and cost effective.

Through Telesat and other satellite providers SureConnect has access to a wide variety of satellite services in C and Ku Band, analog and digital, domestic and international, uplinks, downlinks and turnarounds to complete our customer's routing requirements.

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